Store A choice of DVDs that show the nature, culture, activities and samples of lodging in the islands. The perfect videos to plan a future visit to these countries! Great souvenirs to share with family and friends!  VANUATU 4 YOU DVD 3 - ISLANDS & ADVENTURES Double(2) DVDs - 27 Islands - 2H40MIN - Bilingual English/French @2010 Featuring what visitors can discover ... a kaleidoscope of vivid sights & sounds ... throughout the 6 provinces of Vanuatu. This double DVD is the result of over 3 years of discovery by the author traveling by foot, 4x4, motorboat, his own sailboat and by plane. It contains NO COMMERCIALS VANUATU 4 YOU DVD 2 - CULTURE & NATURE 12 ISLANDS - 75 MINUTES - Bilingual English/French @2009 Collection of the best interludes re-edited from ‘Vanuatu4You’, a TV channel seen in major hotels, airports, banks & post office in Port Vila. It contains NO COMMERCIALS. US$29.00 US$25.00 MARSHALL ISLANDS 4 YOU - LAGOONS & COCONUTS  Single DVD - 8 ATOLLS - 92 MINUTES - English @2011 This DVD presents the beauty of the people and nature in the Ratak chain of the Marshall Islands … the result of over several months of discovery by the author traveling on his own sailboat. US$25.00 ©
NEW ZEALAND 4 YOU - KIWI GRAND TOUR  Double (2) DVD - North & South Islands - 2H30MINUTES - English @2012 Featuring about 100 activities that you can do in New Zealand. Filmed in 2003. coming soon    @2011