News Info of interest to Islands visitors INNOVATIVE TOURIST GUIDES ON CD   You can zoom from space right down to the ground and then take a virtual tour of every hotel and resort in Vanuatu or New Caledonia …or even go underwater to see the best dive spots!"  The nautical guide "virtually" takes yachtsmen from satellite photos, down to each island, flawlessly navigating them to each new anchorage, and tells them what they can discover there. These state-of-the-art Rocket Guides were a great aid in leading us to many of the beautiful locations filmed in the Vanuatu 4 You DVDs  DEEP SEA FISHING IN THE MARSHALL ISLANDS As you see in our new DVD, visiting the less frequented waters in the Marshall Islands gives you great opportunities for World Class fishing activities!  Go with Captain Ben, the expert in sport fishing in Majuro and nearby atolls. He guarantees you will see a marlin on a full day trip! VISIT VANUATU DURING CULTURAL FESTIVALS ! In our DVDs, you see a rich variety of cultural dances, which are unique to each different island in Vanuatu.  The best way to witness these authentic custom dances yourself, is to attend an island FESTIVAL.  Not a "tourist show", Festivals take months to prepare and involve deep cultural traditions.  There are many annual festivals like the spectacular ‘Back to My Roots’ in North Ambrym (whose funds goes to the local schools), Nalawan & Epi Sailing Canoe Race, all in August and Vanua Lava Days in September take place only once a year at the end of August. For a calendar of Festivals and Events, and more details, visit the Vanuatu Tourism Office website. ©    @2011