Testimonials Some of the comments we received About capturing the essence of an island   09 | 2010  “Thank you very much.  Your videos are great!  I am no longer currently the volunteer in Lamap, but I do still work on the website from time to time.  I will make sure the videos get placed on there.  I think you really captured what Malekula is like in your work. Thanks again! All the best, Noah Thomas“. Satisfied client   06 | 2010  “Hello Luc, I received the DVD last week, and played it today... it works really fine! Thank you very much for the replacement, and also for the Torba DVD which is also really great!... Best regards, Claude“. Sharing one experience in Vanuatu with family   12 | 2008  “I brought a copy to my family and friends when I visited home and they had no idea what Vanuatu looked like until they saw this great DVD. They know where I live now … it is so hard to explain one’s family what it is like here! I will get the new DVD this week. Gary “. Chief’s grading ceremony)   08 | 2008  Yes, I got it.  I really like it.  Luc did a really good job of capturing what was going on without imposing himself on the action. Nice use of edits to gently make transitions and he also struck a nice balance between men's activities and what the women were doing. Sensitively done, Luc just followed the action and captured things nicely.  Very much in keeping with the spirit of the ceremony itself, it was all about them.  This is hard to do.  It’s hard to not impose your own perceptions of what you think is happening.  Nice use of voice-overs by local people to describe the action. Joel should be very happy with this and it will be a good record for the future! Thanks for the DVD. Roger”. ©
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