About us Promoting the discovery of Pacific islands Culture & Nature ! How our company started ... We heard of many visitors asking Hotel managers and shops where they could buy DVD videos like the videos they saw on their in-room “Vanuatu 4 You” TV channel or at the airport and town public screens. We looked around and found no such products on the market so we decided to fill in that niche market. That is why we decided to produce films that visitors could take home with them. Our love for the islands we visit make this project very rewarding for us! Caring for the Pacific islands ... Part of the sales of DVD # 1 & 2 goes to the Vanuatu Cultural Center to help Promote & Preserve Vanuatu Custom Culture & Nature. Part of the sales of the new double DVD #3 goes to the Vanuatu Tourism Office to help Promote well-managed tourism in the outer-islands of Vanuatu. Part of the sales of the new DVD #4 goes to the Mieco Beach Yacht Club for the promotion of the sailing arts in the Marshall islands. Luc Callebaut   Our videographer and film maker. Involved in video productions since 86’. From u/w filming to documentaries, he is passionate in sharing by visual means. Jackie Lee  A photographer and writer since 1992. She loves to discover new cultures and islands. ©
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